Construction of energy saving jikos

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Energy saving Jikos

Energy savingJikos

Chuodho women group is involved in the production of energy saving jikos which have impacted its members.

Advanteges of this jikos:

  1. Slash your charcoal bill by half [50%]: Enjoy massive savings on charcoal and wood Leaves more money in your pocket every time you cook with it.
  2. Enjoy virtually smoke free cooking [>60% ]: It's highly efficient combustion reduces smoke and soot emissions to almost undetectable levels allowing for comfortable indoor usage
  3. Faster cooking: It produces a hotter and more effective flame than any other jiko in the market. A traditional jiko takes about 24 minutes to boil one liter of water, while energy saving jiko takes 12 minute to do the same thing
  4. Enjoy improved health and hygiene: With this lovely jiko inside your kitchen you will not suffer respiratory tract irritation, eye irritation and soot discoloration of walls
  5. Durability: The sturdy jiko is built to last. You can expect it to serve you and your family for 5+ years with careful daily usage.
  6. Easy to use: It is easy to light and use The removable ash tray makes emptying of ash hassle free.

About CWG

Chuodho Women Group is a community based organisation(CBO)based in Karungu Division,Nyatike sub-county, Migori county. The CBO was founded in 1986 and registered with the ministry of Gender and Social services with a vision of empowering the community for poverty eradication and fostering a socio-economical developement plan that is environmentally sensitive

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