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About Chuodho Women Group

Chuodho women group is a community based organization started in the year 1986 and registered in the same year with ministry of gender and social services. The group members come together to improve their living standards and support children, women and local community. up to date the organization has 15 members two men and 13 women it also constitute of the chairperson, secretary, treasurer, accountant ,project manager and the project coordinator.

The organization has project implementation committee (PIC) drawn from the community in different locations within the project area. The Organization aim was to empower the community on poverty eradication and fostering socio-economic as well as political development. Chuodho women group embraces collaboration with both international and local development partners to ensure achievement of its goals. The organization as over time accumulated a vast of experience in community development and has capable personnel with diverse knowledge in environmental sustainability, healthcare, Education, Food security, women and Children’s rights. Chuodho women group net work and empowering other community groups with funding from Danida through Community Development Trust Fund (CDTF) which is ending by April 2015 this year .

Initially from 1986 Chuodho Women Group Organisation has been involved in quit a number of activities involving community empowerment. Due to this good services to the community, Chuodho Women Group was honoured and renamed as Chuodho Women Group Community Development by the Ministry of labour and social security services and certified and registered as Community Based Organisation(CBO) that can operate in the entire county(Migori).


Chuodho women group vision is to have empowered community in control of its economic and social development.


The mission is to support sustainable gender development through use of participatory approaches to enhance food security, access to safe water and better health in a well conserved environment.

Overall Objective

To support community project at poverty reduced through improved livelihood system and conservation of community natural resources and initiative for enhanced environmental management, governance and HIV/AIDS prevention.

Primary Objective

To target the poor and most vulnerable, identified in consultation with the communities, through Participatory Rural Appraisal Processes, whereby we assist communities identify their development constraints and enable them develop sustainable solutions through Community Action Plans, based on their priorities and local capacity.

About CWG

Chuodho Women Group is a community based organisation(CBO)based in Karungu Division,Nyatike sub-county, Migori county. The CBO was founded in 1986 and registered with the ministry of Gender and Social services with a vision of empowering the community for poverty eradication and fostering a socio-economical developement plan that is environmentally sensitive

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